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A Song For The Day…

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Music, My Life, Random
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I came across this song yesterday and I fell in love with it. I want to share it with all of you and hope you like it as much as I did! Enjoy!


This is him preforming it live.

The lyrics are here.


Lyrics to I NEVER MADE IT :

I’ve got my eyes open wide to the ceiling
I’m lying on my back in the centre of a room
I’ve got a voice giving me a funny feeling
Its telling me the world’s going to end real soon
I’ve got to get a job otherwise I’m unappealing
Do my little dance for the man and consume
So i let my energy build for the healing
So i can reign down with my super sonic boom
I’m held down by a fog on my way to the top
All clouded and the pressure won’t rise
I’m on a mission to the sky with the stars in my eyes
Yet the weather won’t compromise
Like a ball on a chain that is strapped to my brain
I’m a prisoner inside of my dreams
So i will appreciate the future of a day
Where the clouds open up and scream
And i sing now

I aint gonna spend my time wandering why i never made it
I’ve already made it
I aint gonna spend my days thinking about why i never made it

Like the pages of a novel at the bottom of a shelf
I grow stiff yet i keep my pride
Like the one raindrop in the centre of a rose
I’m in heaven with a world outside
Like another metaphor to describe my vibe
I’m just a vessel for my conscious needs
So i will appreciate the future of a day
Where the clouds open up and scream
And i sing now

I aint gonna spend my time…

Its times like this i need to lose my inhibitions
Raise my fist and forget about decisions
Help assist in the party that im giving
Take on the vibe and soon you will be singing
That its times like this ya need to lose your inhibitions
Just raise your fist and forget about decisions
I’ll help assist in that party that we’re giving
Take on the vibe and soon ya will be singing
I aint gonna spend my time wandering why, i never made it
I’ve already made it.

Lyrics are from the website:

Music N’ Me

Posted: April 12, 2011 in My Life

I am a college student who’s passion is music (that’s why I go to IPR…). When it comes to music, I am a very diverse listener. I listen to everything from Shania Twain, to Michael Buble, to Parkway Drive, to Lil Jon to Skrillex… I enjoy music in MOST forms. Not a huge country fan much… I have recently since coming to this school, I have found that Dubstep is my favorite style of music, taking the place of my now second favorite style, metal.  It almost seems the things that sound obnoxious to most people is what tends to be my favorite kind of music… ha

I’ve always loved music since as long as can remember… No matter what the form… I grew up on Shania Twain and Bruce Springsteen (some how I made the jump to metal… ha).  Growing up, my dad played the guitar and I always used to watch him and always wanted to play JUST like him. After many years of failed attempts to force myself to practice, I kinda taught myself how to play the bass guitar. I fooled around in a “band” with some friends in high school, but once college came, we all went our separate ways. Since then I haven’t had too much incentive to play… I still goof around with it here and there… Not as much as i’d like though…

My biggest passion right now is live sound (running sound for bands at shows). I have a job at a bar close to where I live, and I also run sound for the Sunday night service. I love it SO much!! Being behind the console and being in complete control over the entire sound is something I guess I live for. I feel so alive when I do it… It’s almost like a drug for me..

One thing that recently has caught my attention is DJing. I haven’t really ever done it to much before but it’s SUPER interesting and i’m in the process of learning how it’s done. I have a few “gigs” planned for this summer that i’m really excited for too.

Well this is just a little about me and music’s part in my life…

Thanks for reading!