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The internet not only helped us “normal” people able to let our hard artistic work be heard. But with it being soo easy, everyone is going to be taking the opportunity to upload all their stuff so that other people can hear it as well. Finding music now days, is like trying to find that one certain thing in a grocery store that you’ve never been in before…  It’s hard to do… There are soo many options in there and even some foods you never even knew existed! It’s same with music on the internet now days, if not worse then the grocery store analogy. You just need to know where to look for things.

Just a thought of mine…


For all you math lovers out there, and even those of you that don’t really like math, I have found the new formula that is key, I say again, IS KEY to understanding the music business. If you are a musician that is looking at trying to “Make It Big” or at least trying to get known, y’all should know this very simple formula.

CWF + RTB = $$$$.

This means: Connect With Fans + Reason To Buy = Money.

Which means if you are a newer artist that wants to get more involved, get money, more fans, or anything else really, follow these steps.


This is NOT guaranteed to make you famous. Sorry

But breaking the formula down, you NEED to establish a fan base. Keep it as personal as possible! You need people to listen/like your music enough to want to A.)listen to your music B.) buy things from you C.) see you at your shows. With this established you can then start to work on the next step in the formula.

The reasons for people to want to buy anything that you have to give.

Music isn’t just music anymore (at least when it comes to selling it…) It needs to go along with something that people can hold/use/see, aka pictures/ books/auto-graphs/ posters…etc

People also need options. Different choices with different values to them. Starting at free, then going up how ever much you are willing to give away/receive…

An example here:

Techdirt’s CwF + RtB

I hope this helps explain things!

Until next time… Bye!